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In-situ concreting is carried out in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings and structures. They allow the construction of structures of different heights and shapes under pressure of time. CTC Holding carries out in-situ concreting taking into account current standard requirements and observing the approved schedule. The executors are experienced specialists who have the necessary permits and regularly undergo advanced training.

In-situ concreting is one of the most progressive methods in construction today. With the help of monolithic technologies it is possible to build technically complex objects without restrictions in their form and size.


When performing in-situ concreting, it is not necessary to produce fabricated parts at individual enterprises and to transport them directly to the construction site. The whole process is much easier and more economical. Preparation of all works is carried out directly on the construction site, after which the monolithic frame is erected. During the installation, formwork is installed and all the structural elements of the future structure are assembled, reinforced and poured with concrete. At the end of this process, the formwork is removed. Due to the structural integrity of the monolithic projects, the structures have a practically seamless surface making this method the most sought-after.


The monolithic construction itself, including the erection process, consists of the following steps:

Installation of reinforcement cage.

Formwork creation.

Concrete pouring.

Warming-up stage in the winter.

Monitoring of concrete state.

Stripping – formwork removal.

The formwork implies strong shields that can be of peculiar configurations, but on their basis the desired shapes are obtained. In-situ concreting is performed using various types of formwork; their choice directly depends on each situation and types of work. In the construction of houses using monolithic technology, wall formwork for vertical and horizontal surfaces or wall moving formwork for the construction of rounded structures are usually used.

Different types of frames can be used in monolithic construction, including those with supporting cross walls and spine walls, or with supporting pillars with overlapping.

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