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Construction of JSC "Air Astana"

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The designed site for the construction of the Aviation and Technical Center of JSC Air Astana at Astana International Airport is located in the western part of the existing airport.

The Aviation Technical Center (ATC) was developed for the airline JSC Air Astana at Astana International Airport in the city of Astana for maintenance and routine activities for airborne crafts (AC) Boeing 767-300, Airbus 321-200 and Boing 787- 800

The ATC has developed:

- The shed to accommodate one Boeing 767-300 or one Airbus 321-200 at a time or two Airbus 321-200 or one Boeing 787-800;

- The two-story connected (extended) administration building from the abutting end of the shed. On the ground floor of the extension, there are warehouses, technical premises and household premises for engineering and technical services, performing routine maintenance of airborne crafts in the shed and on the tarmac. The first floor of the extension provides closed offices for the administration and open and closed premises for staff as well as premises for the flight attendants;

- According to Payroll and Job Description Schedule, 82 people are involved in the production process, some of which work in shifts - 4 shifts, 19 people in each and 6 people work five-day weeks

2 The total area is 10000 m²

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